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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Enrico Bottani, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Enrico Bottani

    Enrico Bottani

    Hi people I'm here today to try to discuss a point I thought is
    the most important for our sport :-D braking....
    Different people do it in thifferent ways, people who put al brake and take off the foot slowly, and people who brake light and "slowly" increase...

    Now I would know from you pro :-D what's the best way? And for changeing gear when braking what we can say? I shift down really fast but I had still some problem to have a really nice breake...I see people at istanbul the 3th last turn for example who brake at the height of the first sign....didn't understand how they fª°@ø°∫ do :-P
    I brake 20-30 meter before :-(
  2. Keith Peppiatt

    Keith Peppiatt

    myself i apply immediatley to about 75% of pedal movement and slowly increase from there until down to speed i require. if i "feel" car is lock ease off and reapply. I know what you mean about some people braking much later I'm still practicing to get to that state - need to vfeel the game more. ;)
  3. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    With no one in front of me I'll use 100% and decrease as the wheels start to lock. Following someone, I'll brake very smoothly & earlier to make sure I don't go into the back of them.
  4. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    when to and when not to brake is a very controversail question most people learn there braking point by trail braking, but some people say you should never trail brake while others say you should. of course the truth lays some where in between. in some corners in some cars you need to trail brake alot and in others very little. it varies on the corner and the car you are driving, its your job to work out which is best.

    how to determine how mutch trail brake is need in each corner (and car)? begin by asking yourself , does the car turn in to the corner well? if not try trail braking a little more - gradually easing (trailing) off the brake as you turn in , or does the car feel unstable or unbalanced going through the turn? if so try comming off the brakes and getting back on the throttle just as you turn in, in this case there may be not a trail braking phase.
  5. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte

    hey there

    actually braking all depends on your diving style.
    usually at some tracks i even "play" with the braking pedal (from 100% down to 50% to up to 85%)
    i think that is the best you can do to find where you can brake
    and if you mean the left hand chicane after the left hand corner, yes i also to sometimes brake a bit earlier than the black area, but it also depends on the car.
    another example is last wednesday in the Vertigo league at Watkins Glen. In some corners I brake way to early, but i tend to use only 25 to 50% of the brake & I kept getting better traction true to corners while the car was mostly coasting (& so i was most of the time faster true the corners).

    so it all depends on the car you drive, the track & your own driving style

    oh yeah....as for shifting...again it comes down to the car.....i find that the leon you can down shift pretty fast. But with the BMW i really need to take it easy/slowly when shifting, because if i down shift fast, the rear will lock & so i will go sideways.
  6. Alex Guehennec

    Alex Guehennec

    So many parameters
    depend of brakes values Front/Rear
    brakes pressure
    camber F/R
    suspension (slow bumps, i don't know the good english word : the way the car balanced on springs Rear/Front when braking)
    wings on high speed cars
    differential (coast is the good word?)
    tires pressure
    driving style, car , corners