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Edit points rule?

Does anyone know how to edit the season rules on a saved game? I am using a F1 2018 MOD but there's not much support as I'm on a MAC

The only drivers to receive points are top 6, so unless I pick one of the top three I'm rarely going to pick up a point and this is really frustrating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.
You need to download the unity asset bundle extractor. Then use it to open resources.assets that is inside the MM_Data folder (that's the folder name on the PC). Then sort by file type and look for the textassets. You are looking for a file called Rule Changes. The use the button labeled 'plugin' to export to .txt.
You can then take and import into excel or Google sheets as a comma deliniated file and add or tweak rules. Just be sure to export as a .csv, then save as a .txt and import back into resources.assets.

Alternatively, if you have a mod, the mod folder may have a file called championships.txt that lists the rules. You can look at the rule changes file to see what point system you want and change the appropriate number in the championships file. HOWEVER, both these options will only impact a new career. If you are trying to change the points system on an existing save, you might be able to use a save file editor, or just play and vote in a new point system for next year.