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Easter sales with complications.


Too much Goebbels
I just bought the 2 group C cars.
And calculating the price in real money they did only cost me 2x 2.37€
I dont think you even can get a beer in a pub for that price (in Europe).;)
I started buying 2000 vrp for 16.99€
And when the cars each did cost 279 vrp my calculation say this equals the mentioned 2.37€

ByTheWay: Just before my buy something strange appeared in the Raceroom store.
Because when I checked the price for the 2 cars they were each displayed as costing 220 vrp!!:thumbsup:
But half an hour later when I wanted to buy the price was 279 vrp.:sleep:
Hehe I tried everything because I thought I could trick the store to again display that price - but to no awail :poop:
Its not allways good to wait a while.:x3: