DualCore vs Core 2 Duo

I would like to know, what exactly (or how much in performance) the difference between a P4 DualCore 2,8Ghz, a Core 2 Duo 1,66Ghz (min. req. for Shift), and a Core 2 Duo 2,2Ghz processor (min. req. for TDU 2)

What I know is that Shift runs quite nice on my PC. I just wonder if I have to wait until my next PC upgrade (which can take a lot of time) for playing TDU 2 or I can play it a few months after the release already!:) (probably after Christmas)
P4 is the oldest generation/version of the dual core family....and so the slowest
Core 2 Duo was (yep was) the next generation of dual core processor and is faster than the P4
but I think for upgrade you will for sure go with the Core i7 (quad core processor)
Thanks for the help! So the 1,66 isn't much faster then mine I guess, and that's why Shift is running fine. However the 2,2Ghz C2D is about 1,5x faster.

I think I'll wait and see what's coming out, maybe next year.
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