DTM 2008-2010 LMT Released

Evan Madore

I do not know about anyone else but I have been having some tough times with this mod. Whenever I launch a game using this mod I have to press enter multiple times to clear errors. I get in game and everything works fine though.

Now, when my friend or I host a server and try to join each other, we get a vehicle collision mismatch. We have both reinstalled the mod clean and same thing. I cannot see his car when he hosts, and he cannot see mine when I host. We also cannot see select AI cars.

Maybe someone has a solution for our problems.

Ivo Simons

Typical LMT mod imo. :)
Wich is good and bad.
As always the Cockpit and model are great next the sounds. But with every LMT mod i dont like the physics.
Dont know what it is and its offcourse personal. Its not that its really bad its more if i look at the models and what they do with that. I never see the talent they have back in the physics wich is really a shame. I give it a 7.8/10. And if the physics where better i easily would had give it a 9. :)
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