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Dropped frames in VR

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Hey guys, I've recently gotten back into Raceroom.

Vr is running good, tho I am getting alot of dropped frames per session...around 20, I've noticed they usually happen at the same spot of the track.

I am following the suggested VR settings from the sector3 form.
12 visible cars usually 20 ai
200% steamSS

App used fpsvr for tracking
GPU usage 60-70%, 4-4.5gb
CPU usage 60-75%

I5 9600kf @ 5.1ghz maximum performance setting in windows settings
GTX 1660 ti 6gb oced maximum performance in nvidia driver
16gb ram
Lenovo explorer headset using 60hrz mode
Windows 10 on ssd
Steam file on 1 tb NVMe

Problem solving tried
Added more lighting
Reset seated position
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