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Drivers Dream Days have the following cars on offer @ £50 each

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Neil Gault, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Neil Gault

    Neil Gault

  2. Nick Deeley

    Nick Deeley

    - Familiarisation laps in performance vehicle with instructor
    - Drive Lamborghini 4-6 laps of the course

    Thats not alot of driving time. These companies must make a killing on stuff like this. You have 5 cars there, for about 30 minutes of time max per person. So, 10 people an hour makes £500 an hour, not a bad days work. Set on an airfield where the only expenses are fuel, tyres and instructors wages.

    I much prefer a real track day to be honest. They're more money (about £200 for a decent track with your own car), but for that you get all day to drive, about 8 hours on a real race circuit.

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