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Drag strip help

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by chetchet007, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. chetchet007


    Hi All,

    I've been given the task of trying to create a training track for the formula student team for my University (Aston).

    I have purchased BTB, I've managed to create a figure of 8 which took a very long time and its still not right (i'll post in another thread.)

    Below are the requirements:

    1. The acceleration course length will be 75 m (82 yards) from starting line to finish line.
    2. The course will be at least 4.9 m (16 ft) wide.
    3. Cones are placed along the course edges at intervals of about 5 paces
    4. The foremost part of the car will be staged at 0.30 m (11.8 inches) behind the starting line.
    5. Cars will accelerate from a standing start.
    6. A two (2) second penalty will be added for each DOO (including entry and exit gate cones) that
    7. occurred on that particular run to give the corrected elapsed time.
    I've managed to create the track, however, I just have a line of tarmac, then at the end of the sprint the car flies off the edge or flips..

    I'm not sure how to add time penalties but it would be a huge help because I can add it to my figure of 8 as well

    Any help would be great.


  2. Pangaea


    Hi there chetchet007

    Um, sounds like a very "specific" thing youve been tasked to do.
    Although Im only new to BTB myself and only in context to richard burns rally, I have never heard of any options regarding out of bound or collision time penitles (if that is what you are referring to), I did a search on a google and a couple of other forums (and racedept) for any reference to what your talking about with btb, and unfortunately nothing came up at all.. In fact the only result returned from google, after a variation of search terms was this very thread ;)

    Looks like you`ll have to improvise in some way.

    Do get a second opinion on this tho, as Im only a relative novice at btb too.

    And of course best of luck with your project, cant wait to see the results

  3. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer

    Maybe you should invest in the new NFS Hot Pursuit, the Rapid Response events give you time penalties for hitting walls. ;)
    Anyway, I don't think the time penalty stuff is possible.
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