DiRT Rally 2.0 DR2.0 FFB settings in game and DD1 Fanatec settings help

Not sure if there is any truth to it but I read somewhere that ffb was broken on the dd1 in DR2.0 and switching to comp 2.5 vs. PC mode fixed it.

To my surprise it fixed the issue and I was able to get the ffb dialed in to my liking. This was around 2 months ago.

The issue I had before switching was no weight and mostly dead ffb before switching to comp 2.5, after the switch ffb seemed to be there and there was plenty of weight to the wheel with feedback on corners and hairpins. '

To my point: Fired up the game last night with no changes to any settings and wheel still in comp 2.5 and its dead again, very little weight and its like the wheel wont spin back toward neutral after a tight corner, there is very little information coming from my base and it just feels dead. The resistance that use to be there is gone and Im just at a loss.

Played a couple other titles to rule out any issues that could be from peripherals in general but they all played like normal and I play them in comp 2.5 as well as I did not notice any difference between the modes other than compatibility across titles.

I've deleted all input devices from game then reselected my exact model in settings and calibrated. Went through settings and changed back to what was working great for me before and it still feels off, better but off.

I've looked everywhere for help with FFB settings specifically with a DD1 and Dirt Rally 2.0 but am unable to get it dialed in.

Found one post on here with a couple of users posted settings and wanted to add more.

What settings do you use in Dirt Rally 2.0 and Fanatec DD1?

I appreciate any and all information and thank you in advance.

spent just 3 short months with my new rig and love it but for whatever reason I just cant seem to get FFB working properly with DR2.0, came from a 7 year old TX/playseat setup and am kind of still overwhelmed to be honest.

I am also new here and got advice from CrazyCowCA to check here, hope this post is ok to be here, thank you all again and happy racing!
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Settings/DD1/Dirt Rally 2.0

DD1 paired with universal Xbox hub and R330 rim, h/sequential and handbrake.(both fanatec)

DD1 settings:


FFB: 35-40 depending on surface

SHO: 100



SPR: 100

DPR: 100

NDP: 25

NFR: 4

BRF: min.

FEI: 100

DR 2.0 settings:

Under device presets I have clubsport universal hub selected and have it calibrated.

Advanced Settings:

Steering Linearity: -1

Steering Deadzone:0

Steering Saturation: 100

Soft Lock: On

Vibration and Feedback:

Self Aligning Torque: 60

Wheel Friction: 9

Tire Friction: 3

Suspension: 50

Collision: 40

Soft lock: 40

Steering center force enabled: On

Steering Center force: 40