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Tracks Dorifto Mountain 2-way traffic 0.2

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alekabul submitted a new resource:

Dorifto Mountain 2-way traffic - Dorifto Mountain 2-way traffic

View attachment 323803 View attachment 323805 View attachment 323806 View attachment 323804 View attachment 323802 2-way traffic from working AI and map. In track days/ weekends now you can have 19 other cars traversing up and down the mountain in endless loop and watch out for overtaking AI, cause they do that too.

Installation: unpack in "\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\doriftomountain_0.3" and overwrite.

Happy driving!

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alekabul updated Dorifto Mountain 2-way traffic with a new update entry:

Organized 2 layouts - traffic and race. Materials config.

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More organized - separate layouts for 2-way traffic and Race (clockwise). That`s for you to have easy choice from offline play with AI to quicker loading in multiplayer. For that you can extract all from "Dorifto + AI.7z" into your "..\AssettoCorsa\content\tracks\doriftomountain_0.3\". Then after confirming the new layouts working you can delete the two "***" files from...

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Attached is the config which enables the seasonal color changes. It includes all previous fixes. Remove the .txt extension and extract in "..\AssettoCorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded\" overwriting the old "doriftomountain_0.3.ini".


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Hey, I have an Issue with the map.
If I click on "GO!" in the Content Manager, i've got shown the message: "[Name]: Track not found".
Do you know how to fix the Issue?