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GTR2 Does the increased tire & fuel usage work?

Just started back into GTR2 after many years, and I'm about 7 races into a custom championship season using Golf V GTI RS car mod, and i'm running 45min race times. I had set the fuel & tire usage to 2x, thinking I'd force pit stops. The AI does pit once, but mostly its with only 2 or 3 laps to go (when their fuel is running out) and they take on full fuel & tires, where as I pitted a few laps earlier, and took on enough fuel to get to the end, and sail into first position. I found this frustrating, as I don't want to win by the AI been stupid.
So, I then decided to try and up the tire and fuel usage to 4x to see how that affected their strategy. This is where my question comes in. Does increasing the tires and fuel usage actually work? I ask this because both the AI and I were still able to run the same amount of laps on fuel at 2x as at 4x, and my tires never seemed to wear out.
I'm using the GTR2_10th_Anniversary_PATCH_v9_7,
I also created my own season using the GTR2 Championship Manager v1_62
Note that I have set both tire & fuel usage to 4x in the championship manager and also within the realism settings in the game.