Does Race07 support more than one controler

Hi All,

I have a G25 wheel and a game pad Logitech F510 (compatible Xbox controler) in Directinput mode (not Xinput).
Each time I want to use both of the two controlers, in game options detect the two controlers but assign the F510 on first ID+keyboard in yellow color and my Wheel is unusable (detected but in grey color).
As soon as I deactivate or unplug the F510, the G25 is usable again (detected in yellow color) with my custom profil.
What I wish to try is to set and map these two controlers in one alone custom profil.
Is it possible to set my G25 as the first main controler and the gamepad as secondary controler ?
Does Race07 support Keyboard+G25+Gamepad on the both time ?...
If yes how to set up them together in options ?

Any help greatly appreciated.
Warm regards
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Yow, Gerard.

Well...can't say about the gamepad, but Race07 supports keyboard+G27+Formula Force Ex (actually, they all do: rF, GTR2, GSC).

I'd bet it supports other combinations of controllers, including gamepads plus what you asked.

You can map part of the "actions" to one controller, part to the keyboard, and the remainder to other controllers. I have done that with the controllers I mention above.
Hello Chronus,
Thanks for ur quick answer, but for me it seems to not take in charge both my gamepad and G25 cause when I plug my gamepad (F510 Logitech) ingame options recognize well the game pad and the G25 but only my gamepad is active the G25 stay grayed out and not working as expected with my custom profil. it seems the gamepad take place on the first device detected and the game give the priority on the gamepad that is not I want.
What I wish is to use my G25 as the first device and gamepad as the second device and to be able to map some keys onto the gamepad.
I will try again but ingame options should detect all the devices plugged in and I would to know if all devices wich are well detected should be written in a yellow color to be able active?!
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Hi All,
I have reworked the mapping keys from scratch (deleting the rcs files) on both the gamepad and G25 but all the G25 axis are well recognized as JOY 2 but the shifter gears are recognized as JOY 1 wich is the ID of my gamepad. The game seems mixing the two controlers and not separate or recognize well them as JOY 1 for my gamepad and JOY 2 for the combo G25 Wheel+Shifter+Pedals.
As default profils I have a G25 Paddle, G25 shift, and G25. What are the default profils for G25 Paddle and G25 Shift ?
I'm still very confused. Any help appreciated.
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