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Do retro games now mark the start of your "Career" ???

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I've seen a few posts recently where people have referenced there 20+ year careers in sim racing - its got me thinking and the more i thought about it the more I remembered some of the games that I started with, some on Amiga, some on PC.

I got access to the first PC in the house in 1992, a lowly x386 (Cyrix i think) IBM Compatible running Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11. This later got upgraded with a VoodooFX card

Here's some of the games I've remembered so far in what i could consider my 30 year career in sim racing.

Indianapolis 500 The Simulation
Stunt Car Racer
IndyCar Racing
IndyCar Racing II
Formula 1 GrandPrix
Destruction Derby
Pole Position
Lombard RAC Rally
Lotus Esprit Series

Hopefully some of these bring back fond memories for some.

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
What's "retro" though.
I mean. I still play games like Grand Prix 3, Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and I don't feel like those are "retro", even though they are over 20 years old, and there are professional simracers that wasn't even born when those games was released...
I don't consider F1 Manager from EA being very "retro" either. But Grand Prix Manager 2 and Grand Prix World I do consider retro, but those are the same age or just some years older.

I remember back when I made some youtube videos, I planned to make the cutoff-age 15 years to make a game "retro". But that makes rFactor 1 a retro-game. I am not sure I want to admit I am getting that old... not yet! :p