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DIY Gas Spring Handbrake from Scratch under $50

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by J_SAMa, Feb 15, 2015.

  1. J_SAMa


    A very simple handbrake built entirely from scratch for Clubsport pedal set. All complete except for connectivity (s/o to DerKaffeemann for wiring diagram). Features a gas spring (inspired by the ARC Handbrake).
    Main lever + handle: 200 mm + 125 mm. Aluminum U-section is 30x20 mm
    Main pivot is an M8 bolt with a smooth, unthreaded section. The plastic tube keeps the aluminum from bending under the bolt's tension.
    Actuator arms
    Potentiometer mount (tape will prevent the wires from accidentally touching the metal body)
    Spring and plastic tubing to add "progression" to the handbrake
    I will post more details and also a tutorial/some tips for those looking to do a similar build once I have the wiring complete.

    I have the woodworking skills to make a custom handle but 'm also working on a way to attach a real car shifter knob.

    Aluminum profile: €12
    Wood: €4
    Potentiometer: €3 (for a pack of 10 o.0)
    Hardware (bolts, nuts, washers and a spring): €10
    Gas spring: €8
    Plastic tubing: €3
    TOTAL: €40=$46, with lots of spare parts left.
    Searching "gas strut" on this shop=lotsa goodies :D
    Get one with detachable ends so you can add springs or whatever like I did.
    Custom springs

    Any questions please ask.


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