Ditching the iMac for PC. 6GB Vram & Haswell??

Howdy all. After a long retarded bond to Apple I've finally decided to switch back to PC. I currently have a late 2013 27" iMac with a 3tb Fusion drive and an Nvidia 780m 4gb which I use on triples running at 7680x1440.

Sounds great but 3 problems.
1) Due to Apple being assholes you cannot use the Fusion drive on Windows so its HDD only. Cheers you greedy evil non-taxpaying fruits.
2) Due to Nvidia being assholes I cant run Nvidia 2d Surround on my triples in full screen but can only stretch in windowed mode as its a mobile card. This causes all GPU/Vram activity to be copied 1st to the buffer rather than written directly to it which I'm told significantly lowers my fps.
3) It appears the iMac USB controller is very limited and regularly tells me it has no more resources available. Its not power related but apparently bios as Apple use a custom UEFI and that cannot be accessed by a user to cure. This is causing serious hassle connecting controllers. Assholes.

Rant over.

As Nvidia are delayed with the 800 series (thanks to Apple) I have to go 700 series. I was looking at the GTX 780 but was worried over the 3gb Vram limit on GTX780's. Now EVGA have a 6gb model http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=06G-P4-3787-KR.
What do ya think. Good buy or good bye for triples? If I later decide to SLI can I use a 2nd 3gb GTX780 as I was also hoping to use a 4th monitor as I will be running X-Plane & FSX as well as Assetto Corsa & PCars.

I was also looking at an Asus Maximus VI Formula mobo. I reckon there will be serious deals in the next 2 months on older Haswells with the refresh and Z97 boards coming. Whats your opinion, go Haswell 1 with Z87 or wait for Haswell 2 with Z97?

Any help appreciated. Cheers.
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