Discussion / Feedback: OLED & QLED 120Hz Screen Owners

Mr Latte

Jun 2, 2016
I have been looking into a future upgrade for a screen and considered Samsungs Super Ultrawide 49" option.
I use my rig as a main PC entertainment area. So for me a screen for gaming/tv and PC usage is desirable.

However, LG with OLED has superior blacks and much superior image quality including better implemented HDR performance. It seems (Nov 2019) that LG has HDMI 2.1 (still restricted in some ways) but currently seem to offer Nvidia GSYNC support/compatibility and fast refresh.

Samsung with QLED appear to have AMD support with FREESYNC 2 and higher contrast but not so good in blacks. Both technologies or options seem to be very good screen options.

Each will have their own quirks. What I desire is a good performance in picture quality and response but also the bonus a TV can have in coping with 16:9 or 21:9 to suit entertainment and gaming. What I don't see is reviewers or owners stating if these displays can output a 32:9 ratio (65" models may even be bigger than 49" Ultrawide Monitors). I know they can offer 1400p 21:9 with 120Hz. Even that is attractive if on a much larger and better quality screen than the biggest ultrawide monitors.

My Questions:
How good can these displays perform with 21:9 custom resolutions and ratios
Can they display a custom 32:9 screen resolution
Both displays offer dual input 16:9 sources. Can this mode be used for a 32:9 display (dual desktop)
Are GPUs in 2020 going to be HDMI 2.1
CES 2020 will be in JAN is anyone else keeping an eye on upcoming models for similar usage
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