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  1. nocturna351


    Situation is like this: Both me & my friend like racing games & my favorite game is F1 series (F1 2013 mostly) & when I let him play it, he says, it's not realistic. He says F1 cars doesn't move & stop in real like in that game. Of course we can't expect from game 100% realism, but his point is that, in some games, for ex. NFS Shift series, cars are very close to realism & that games with cars in general are close to realism, while F1 games ain't. I said, I didn't get what he's talking about. He said, when F1 car enters in corner it's very different in TV comparing to game & in short, he doesn't like F1 2013 & he suggested me to watch F1 real videos to see the difference. He said, it's probably hard to achieve realism in F1 games as good as in normal car games like Shift. So, my point of this thread is to hear others opinion, especially of those who play simulator games. What do you think about it? Is my friend right or not?
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    Try more simulation games, like rFactor 2 with Formula ISI, for instance. This is more realistic than any Codemasters games, who produce semi-arcade games, at the very least. It's too easy to brake, for example.