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PC3 DigiProst - Project CARS 3 - Nordschleife


Here's YouTuber DigiProst on the Nords in PC3:

It's hard to say how physics, handling, and ffb are, but it doesn't seem too far off PC2, anyway.

This one looks like his livestream where's he's just starting the game for the first time and feeling out how it drives:

This one did it for me.

While I have never had any plan to buy this game.

This guy while I know he try to sound sarcastic comes across trying very hard to be as as stupid and pointless as the game.
Just because you got a wheel and ability to record a Youtube video doesn't mean you should.

Is there actual any new content in this game or is it just a arcade PC2?


Give Ermin a chance, he's one of the best. He understands why rF2 is still the best when it comes to physics, handling and ffb.

And, yeah, based on SimRacing604 and Jimmy Broadbent's videos, it looks like arcade PC2.

Missed opportunity :(

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
And we can even vote: https://www.ign.com/articles/project-cars-3-review

At the time of this post over 2,000 votes and 53% no
Reiza should just buy the name and IP and make PC what it should be. They've already proven the platform can do it.

Still way too soon to tell for sure.

Maybe they have proven the platform can be a real sim but I do not feel Reiza has proven they can do it!
Want so badly to like AMS 2 but like with AMS 1 it lacks quality control and project management.
Maybe not as badly as SMS but they are also much smaller company so get even less bugs fixed.
Hope they prove me wrong!

With regards to PC3 should we have expected more or better sims?