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Differential Calculus?

Here's my Christmas present to you; a little trick in case you don't know it already. "Hey, Toonces," you ask. "What's that 'coast' value in the differential settings good for?" That, my friend, is one way of managing the 'attitude' of the car; which way it's pointing. If you want the car to point more into the turn when you back off the throttle, increase the value. The example here is with actk's excellent little Group 4 Lancia Stratos (it sounds like an Olivetti lawn mower...if Olivetti made lawn mowers) at Brands Hatch. If you have a tendency to run wide on a trailing throttle (super easy to do in any of the downhill turns here), jack up the coast angle way past the default. The test?. Drive this setup a dozen or so laps, then cut the coast value in half and try it again. See? You're welcome. And MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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