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    When it comes to making F1 2011, where do you think you've got the most work to do?

    Stephen Hood: Well, everywhere, but honestly... certainly the media side, Live the Life.

    Paul Jeal: Yeah, Live the Life and multiplayer, just because we've had to invest that much time in the first one on the career, the meat and bones, the driving, the pit-stops, the weather. We had some great ideas which have been fairly well stripped back in development for both Live the Life and multiplayer.
    But being the perfectionists that we are, we want to move every element of the "Be the Driver" side forward as well, the AI, the handling model, we've got some ideas for what we want to do there.

    Stephen Hood: I love working on these sorts of games, but one of the big frustrations is, the bigger the team, the more complicated it becomes. What people often don't see is, behind the scenes, you're trying to make a game out of the resources you have available, be that the time or the people you have working on the team. You're trying to balance some things accordingly; you can't be everywhere all the time.
    Considering the scope of the game that we were given at the start, which I think was pretty massive... If I was trying to make the perfect game, I'd probably say the on-track stuff is most important, then build up Live the Life in the future. But I think we realised early on that Formula One games have been the same for a really long time and we needed to come back and do something different.
    But that was so difficult, and we were devving up until the final few days, which was pretty mental really; people were really panicking, but we were saying look, we've got to get this final bit in.

  2. Günthar Rowe

    Günthar Rowe

  3. White Number 34

    White Number 34

    Is there any chance that F1 2011 will incorporate "three screens" for xBox like Forza 3? And it would be very nice if the seating height could be adjusted somewhat in the "in car" view.
  4. David Kaye

    David Kaye

    Is it me or was Stephen Hood talking about F1 2010 ? When the question was clearly stating F1 2011 ! Gosh I am starting to feel bitter. I must go at once outside and beat myself with a Beach branch... Thwack....Thwack :)
  5. squeakydog


    Being the first formula one game I have ever brought, I must admit I was a little dissapointed. On reflection my first opinion was wrong, although there is still an element of my initial feelings, I have grown to love the game. However i would like to see many improvements. I understand that this basically is the prototype to a long line of improved releases and it was difficut to get the game off the tracks due to its advanced styles. congratulations.
    I do however feel that it would be nice to have a more personal link with the team e.g. if you race for ferrari in the second car then we should be hearing from Rob Smedley or Christian Horner if you are in Sebastian Vettel's car. They could perhaps help you with the initial set up of the car informing you wether the track is low medium or high downforce track. What area to set your ride height and stiffness, what gear ratio's. leaving you to tweak in the right areas as in reality. Lets finally be able to see what our team mate is running. The team could calculate a new stratedgy as the race unfolds helping you to resume racing from a pitstop out of traffic etc. If the tyres run longer than expected what do the team suggest about the stratedgy.
    The weather is not perfect either and needs some attention. How can you enter qually 3 in heavy rain but go to qually 2 or1 in perfect sunshine with no sign of the previous weather.
    As you mentioned the "Behind the scenes", there could be so much more. How about a full walkabout of the track and paddocks. A cycle ride round the tracks like many drivers do to get the layout. Driving to and from parc ferme'. Receiving the trophies on the podium and splashing the bubbly. Weigh ins etc. Pit walk with celebs and team officials. A Pre race interview with Martin Brundle in the pit lane. Eye candy!!! Bernie and fia members. What about fitness levels? can we go to the gym to keep our driver in peak performance.
    I would definatley love to see a better replay. One where we are watching it on telly with full commentary. And why can't we save them??? Perhaps a full championship review.
    Lets have more sponsership and a little more involvment with the team management. Sponsor bonuses and a growing bank account(or decreasing if your rubbish).
    Oh lets not forget safty car and flags and marshalls on track.
    If you want to make it as real as possible then the whole spectable must be considered to acheive that. Well done so far and keep up the good work. I look foward to the next one.
  6. MARS3300


    I agree Squeaky, at first I was impressed with the graphics, then i complained about the bugs. I got a hold of GT5 and I got a better appreciation for F1 2010. F1: better driving(not necessarily physics engine), better graphics shading, weather is actually better, and really unlimited playability. I can spend 4hours easy on just one track and its different every time. That's all good to start. However, it is missing some of the spectacle. Cut-in some scenes of other drivers, other cars, crowd, and pit babes(don't have them computer generated). For example; when a member of the press asks the driver questions, don't do CGI of the press. The questions that they ask are already "canned" anyway. Have an actor with real video ask the questions. There should be a paddock or grid walk where the press is chasing the driver for questions. There's a lot that can be done on the gridwalk. And your agent, also "canned" responses...use video of live actor. In fact, use looping video when I park in the garage. The mechanics are actually good CGI characters but they, the agent, and reporters should be done with "canned" actors. Realism would jump 30%+. I look forward to 2011 if there is. More realism is what I would expect in a second year product. Otherwise I may wait...
  7. Ricky Mackenzie

    Ricky Mackenzie

    Well squeaky I love the ideas and agree however they can only fit so much on a disc :p. From what I played of F1 2010 it's a pretty enjoyable game however it needs a lot of improvement to make it the prefect F1 game that Codies want. I certainly want better interviews, more control over the nitty gritty stuff like money management and fitness levels. I was disappointed though really with the lack of new questions in interviews. Also the fact that there was no podium celebrations or parade lap and also no coming out of your car in parc ferme! Lets hope F1 2011 contains more detail and more features.
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