Dedicated server: setup for one track only?

May 15, 2007

I was trying to run a dedicated server to race with some friends over the internet on laguna seca (no other servers are running that track).

I copied the track to the race07ds folder, and it shows up in the list.

There are two list, left and right.

Left=Available Events, this is where I put Laguna Seca.
Right=, this is where all other tracks are.

Now I expect that Laguna Seca is the only track available in the server room, but when going to next session, it still goes to Brno (the top entry in the right list).

How to set it up so it stays on Laguna Seca all the time?

Thanks, didn't find the answer yet here or on RSC>


EDIT: It now works fine. Just put laguna seca in the right, and all others in the left. For some reason if I put Laguna seca as the only one in the left, the server started on laguna seca also, but would continue with the event queue.

Matt Alpeter

right, the left list is the available tracks, the right list is what tracks the server will run.