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DDS export problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Stephan Knaepen, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Stephan Knaepen

    Stephan Knaepen


    I have recently started with simracing and I have seen people making skins for the cars in GTR Evolution. I have followed the skinning tutorial (in the GTR evo section) but I have problem with exporting my "creation" to DDS.

    I installed the nvidia tool for exporting to DDS. I run photoshop CS2 on windows 7 RC1 and it doesn't give me any option in CS2 to save it to DDS. Does anyone know if this because I use windows 7 or CS2? Or is this problem related to something else?

    Thank you for the help in advance.

    Kind regards

  2. Andrew Evans

    Andrew Evans

    are you sure you've installed the plugin correctly?
    can you open an existing dds with it? (drag and drop into photoshop)
    might not yet be compatible with w7....

    i have cs2 on xp... so i know it's not your version of ps....
  3. Stephan Knaepen

    Stephan Knaepen

    Andrew I have found the problem. I forgot to download the photoshop plugin from the website. I guess I overlooked it last time I was on the website.

    Thank you :)

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