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Misc Database tyre update 1.0

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Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
Lesley Buurlage submitted a new resource:

Database tyre update - updates tyres for last races

this mod updates the tyres for texas, brazil and abu dhabi
as this is a database mod, it'll most likely not be able to work with playing online. also make sure to make a backup of your old DB file.

if you've other database mods installed and you don't want to overwrite it just edit the following lines:
go to track_model
find the line option_tyre and prime_tyre and edit the lines of texas,brazil and abu dhabi to:
texas: option_tyre: 2 prime_tyre: 3
brazil: option_tyre: 2 prime_tyre: 3

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