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Misc Dallara P217 iRacing Dash - Fully Custom

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tholhubner submitted a new resource:

Dallara P217 iRacing Dash - Fully Custom - I made a more Sim Racing centric version of the P217 Dash, but is built to be customized as well

I built this as a more sim racing centric version of the Dallara P217 dash, adding data regarding how much fuel to add, fuel averages, laps to refuel and even your incident count. I also strived to make this as easy to customize on your own as possible, everything is labeled and detailed to it is easy to make it more your own.

I will be continuing to update this and release more dashboards in this fashion for other cars. Please let me know of any issues you find in this build and feel free...

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tholhubner updated Dallara P217 iRacing Dash - Fully Custom with a new update entry:

Small Update for a bug fix

Noticed today while using the dash that the session time in the upper left corner was formatted to use all the way down to milliseconds and this just overcrowded the space. This has been simplified to only go down to the second.

Feel free to let me know if you run across any other issues and I will do my best to fix them. Thanks!

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If you have SimHub installed, it should just be as simple as opening the zipped folder and double-clicking the sim hub file. If not, I would suggest getting SimHub setup and the installing the dash.
the simhub file isnt in the zip folder, its a dsjon file and a fonts file or something, i cannot figure out how to install it either
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