Cut off track need to be fixed.

When someone hits You behind, you spinning out of the track, its not your fault, but after come back you will give drive through penalty.Penalty for what, that someone kicks me in the back? :confused:
Also cutting chicanes. The slow down penalty is far too lenient. I have had people pulling away from me doing so.... surely they should be at a disadvantage?
Right now we are running lenient cut rules, as the expert rules were quite harsh. Having the perfect cutting/penalty system is going to be near impossible. If a collision happens between cars the game/system would have an extremely hard if not impossible time figuring who is to blame and what penalties to give. Or if you avoided an accident or went of deliberately or was pushed off.

For now is it a question of shooting in your left foot or in your right foot. I do know is that having no cut rules would be shooting yourself in the face.
Concerning collisions and suddenly then cutting track. For every corner or turn must be written scrypt with its limits of speed. For example: in monza, if someone hits on a straight start finish chicane with speed near 150-200 and more km/h, then he must be punished by drive through penalty, and the victim of collision that spinned out of track, should have to back on track simply, without to be penallised by dtiving through.


Thanks Jay. What about making the cut rules more or less forgiving depending on 1st lap of the race or not? Usually the most accidents happen in the first few corners. If i have to go offtrack in T1 to avoid a collision right in front of me, i shouldn't get penalized.

Another idea ..... You should only get a cut penalty if you have gained time. So if you missing a chicane, need to go through the run-off area and you are slower than your average sector time, then you shouldn't get a cut warning.
It may sound easy to do but its all very complicated to actually implement. No or lenient cut rules ont he first corner in for example monza, it might work within a closed league. But in public its just a matter of time of people just keeping their foot down and cutting on purpose.

Speed depended is also not fool proof, then its just a matter of finding the right speed where no penalty is given but time is gained/position is not lost and its "broken".

Its quite a hard/impossible thing to get right.

Right now i believe its using a gained time formula, and then multiplies for the penalty, not exactly sure. Maybe @Sonat Ozturk can tell more about it! ;)

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What about single player races? Only today I had two races ruined after I was awarded drive-throughs, firstly for taking to the run-off to avoid an accident, and secondly, getting punted off the track myself.

Will we be getting cut-track rules of varying leniency/severity for offline racing? I appreciate getting this right is very difficult.
I must say that I find the current penalty system perhaps one of the best around, it makes the races fluid and does not weigh too much of the race, some problems are there and always will be, how many times in many races of f1 commissioners have not taken decisions optimal or have taken very late or even wrong, then you ask a game to activate a complex process in seconds, that goes beyond calculation but wonders even to evaluate and make decisions, if you call HAL 9000 maybe ... i honestly think that the system is on track then disasters will always and only the players to make them stupid
I take advantage of this thread and do not open a new one to ask you something important. Are provided in the development of RRE rules with flags, blue, yellow?
I think it's very important to know this.


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I think i noticed a little hole in the penalty system of cutting the track in Hockenheim after the first right corner many of us are cutting the track but some of us don't get punished as others i saw it clearly viewing replay ,the car in the back went far more outside but didn't get any punishment, is it happening ?