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Custom shaders patch 0.1.30 - 0.1.35 FPS issues

Hey guys,
I am running CSP 0.1.25.-preview205 + SOL 1.3.1 on a gaming laptop with almost everything on maximum in AC settings and average of 95 FPS (in game benchmark) locked to 60 FPS with enabled v-sync because of my 60hz screen but every time I update CSP to any version from 0.1.30 to 0.1.35 game is stuck at 50 FPS and it's slightly stuttering. I tried enabling and disabling v-sync, locking FPS but nothing helps to run the game at higher FPS except downgrading CSP back to 0.1.25-preview205 (or lower).
Any clues what it could be? Maybe updating SOL to 1.4 alpha would solve FPS issue?
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Don't think its Sol 1.4 as that's what I'm using. I'm also having similar issues, sometimes it gets stuck at 50 fps and the built in Assetto render app shows fluctuating frame-times (looks like a heartbeat meter) however coming out of the game and going back in resolves it. P.S using 1.35 shader patch, running in G-sync compatible mode with V-sync on and low latency on as per Nvidia recommendations.
Problem solved!
CSP/Extra FX/Extension: Active - unchecking this box solved fps issues. CSP 0.1.36.
Thanks for that. I've not played for a while, opened CM and CSP auto updated to latest version. Fine, until I noticed it was stuttering and my car was 'bouncing' up and down!
Problem solved!
CSP/Extra FX/Extension: Active - unchecking this box solved fps issues. CSP 0.1.36.
My disappoint is to not have the Local Reflections if I disable EXTRA FX.
The reflection of other cars on the nose of mine, are awesome. And in free camera, see every thing in reflection on the car is fantastic. You can see also the parts of the same car, that are reflected on the chassie.
Shad Patch 1.25.205 I have a perfect fps with this effett activated.


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A lot of things changed since 1.25.205. I’m currently on csp 1.44 and sol 1.5 alpha 8 and many graphic effects were added but extra fx extension active is still an fps eater on my system.