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Custom-8's Jyllandsringen

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Tomas Beha, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Tomas Beha

    Tomas Beha

    Hi fellow BTB'ers

    'My' first build is to be released on 27th of March, at first it will be available for Simbin's RACE'07/Expansions only.

    This is THE most wanted danish track, and the first virtualized version of both layouts including the 2003-addition. It has been developed with support from trackowners and reallife drivers, and the AIs will be very competative in all race-conditions.

    Our tests show that reallife drivers are within ½sec. of the current trackrecord, both virtual and IRL times are set in a BMW 320si e90

    Trackrecord, GP layout (reallife): Jan Magnussen, BMW 320si e90, 1:10.742
    Trackrecord, GP layout (virtual): Kasper Jensen, BMW 320si e90, 1:10.274
    - Both have participated in the Danish Touringcar Championship (DTC)

    James Thompson also competed in DTC, 2008 in a Honda Accord for Hartmann Racing, quailfied with a 1:11,230

    You can follow excact time of release by looking at the countdown in topmenu of our site at www.custom-8.dk

    HUGE thanx must go to Brendon for his awesome tool, without BTB we would never have succeeded achieving our goal: to make the perfect virtual replica of the most famous danish racetrack
  2. liquido


    I want a place in one of that brilliant tribune, my goodness you work really fine.

    Race 07 users are very luky ;)