CTD with Win7 and standard car and track

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Remco, May 25, 2011.

  1. Remco


    Hi guys,

    I need some help. I did a clean install of win7 and now my rF keeps crashing. I can choose a car and a track, but when I press "load track", I get a crash to desktop. It has worked in years without any problems before the reinstall. I ran with trace=3 and found the following error message:

    util.cpp 542: Unable to adjust texture for material: wcwindow, tex0=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ZR\SRGP\TEAM_GREEN\Misc\window.dds, tex1=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ZR\SRGP\TEAM_GREEN\GRN_08window.dds, tex2=wcwindow.dds
    util.cpp 542: Unable to adjust texture for material: wcwindow, tex0=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ZR\SRGP\TEAM_GREEN\GRN_08window.dds, tex1=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ZR\SRGP\TEAM_GREEN\Misc\GRN_08window.dds, tex2=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\ZR\SRGP\TEAM_GREEN\GRN_08window.dds
    gamestats.cp 906: RaceCast Location set to: racecast.rfactor.net
    util.cpp 542: Unable to adjust texture for material: wcwindow, tex0=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\VENOM\RC2\DUISBURG\Duisburg_69window.dds, tex1=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\VENOM\RC2\DUISBURG\Misc\Duisburg_69window.dds, tex2=GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\VENOM\RC2\DUISBURG\Duisburg_69window.DDS

    Anyone an idea about what could be the issue ? I saw an other topic here describing this issue, but the topic was closed without the solution :-\
  2. Magnus Dahlgren

    Magnus Dahlgren

    Try reinstall rFactor! As you can see there are tons of game-files missing, so nothing wrong with your Windows.
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