CSL Elite pedals deadzone


I just noticed that I have about 15 mm of END deadzone on the throttle pedal. Really annoying. Is there anything I can do? I tried calibrating the pedals but the issue is still there.
i had to disable this, in manual it wouldnt let me calibrate them right, i did in the sim then


Do you have the load cell too or just the 2 pedals?
The 2 pedal kit doesn't have manual calibration so you have to live with it. I found it quite annoying at first but noticed that my inputs were actually more controlled because I'm apparently lacking skills when it comes to giving the input I want in my head.
The dead zones kinda countered that issue between my feet and head.

I upgrade the loadcell add on a few weeks ago and now I have the manual calibration available. Tuned the dead zones a little.

So 2 pedals: you can't do anything about it
3 pedala: deactivate auto-calibration :)