Corvette C7R Schmitz Cargobull #28 (4K)

Skins Corvette C7R Schmitz Cargobull #28 (4K) 1.0

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JJ Lehto

Hamm3r of the gods
Original poster
Apr 10, 2016
JJ Lehto submitted a new resource:

Corvette C7R Schmitz Cargobull #28 (4K) - Fictional livery for the Corvette C7R

A very fictional Schmitz Cargobull livery for the Corvette C7R in 4K (there is no 2K version at this moment because I'm a lazy bum). The exterior and interior both also have various little tweaks no one will most likely ever notice.

Also included are equally fictious Michelin tires I did for myself just to replace the dull default ones. If you use something better or simply don't like them, just delete the three tyre-files (Tyre_D, Tyre_D_blur and Tyre_NM) from the...
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