Correct date for Le Mans race?

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Roland Ehnström

I've seen the new schedule on the main site, but it sais the Le Mans race will be held on March 11th, which is obviousely incorrect since that's the date of the Bahrain opener. So when will the Le Mans race take place, April 8th?

btw, have you considered switching the dates for Le Mans and Hockenheim? The real-life Le Mans 24 hour race is on june 12-13, and it would be kinda cool to have our Le Mans race in the following week (meaning you can practice at Le Mans at the same time that the 24-hour race is run in real life).

David Garcia

May 3, 2007
Yes it is wrong I need to fix it. About switching Le Mans with Hockenheim this is really a cool idea Roland. I will consider it.
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