it better than single core for GTR evo?


Apr 1, 2009
Hi~ all of RD members.

My pc has Core2Quad(Q8300), Asus PQ5 and GTS250 with win XP.
and useing 3 monitors 26" 17" 7".

Sometimes, i found the cores of CPU not working with full load.
even when playing Race07 , it works something like..9%, 20%, 30%, 37%
it means i think, not working with full performance.

So, i have attached "+fullproc" to make it work more hard.
then the CPU works like this...89%, 40%, 30%, 17% or 18%, 30%, 40%, 78%..
i found a little more hard load is getting on CPU with "+fullproc"
and also a little bit good FPS..almost same.

My question is whether the command " +fullproc" could get a bad effect on my CPU's health.
actually the temperature of my cpu goes up with that command compare to before.

thank you ahead:redface:

Ant Creasy

Oct 17, 2009
Have you overclocked your CPU? Is there enough air going through your case? Download this and look at your temperatures. If it's under 60 degrees there's no problem. But a lot of games don't utilise 100% CPU anyway, it's normal, especially on a quad core. Your GPU is the main thing keeping your frame rates down.


Apr 1, 2009
Thanks for your reply,
I have checked Temps of CPU...none of them is goes over 47 degress even in summer.

and i did over clocking with my Graphic card useing Rivatuner.
738(core clock)-->830 shader same with core clock /1100(memory clock)-->1800 then
when i watching replay, i found it playing replay faster than before but made shut down my PC...
so, i think i did too much over clocking.

However, the FPS for online and offline is different even same race.
maybe there's another problems of server's connection.

David Wright

Sep 27, 2009
I'm amazed you get any difference with +fullproc. I didn't think this was valid with Simbin titles and I did read that by default GTR Evo does use all available processors. When rFactor was released, running on more than one core could cause problems - hence it didn't use more than one core by default. By the time GTR Evo came out, these issues had been fixed in the OS so by default it makes sense to allow use of all cores/processors. Not that it will benefit a great extent - like all ISI engined sims its essentially single threaded. Spreading across cores just passes the thread from core to core i.e run it one core and you get 100% use - run it on two and you get 50% on each.

I'll have to give it a try next time I run it though :)