Convert custom DR1 liveries to DR2?


Original poster
May 4, 2017
Previously in DiRT games you were able to use custom liveries designed for older games on newer ones if both games shared the car model you want to put your custom livery on. I think that's still the case with DR2, however when I tried to use a custom DR1 livery on a DR2 car, it didn't work. Most of the car models are constantly inherited from previous games, so being able to inherit custom liveries as well would be helpful.

I just wish Codies didn't change their stupid "modding policies". Despite being easier to mod, the new game is actually less moddable than DR1, with only one or two slots for custom liveries meanwhile in DR1 we could replace everything.


Nov 12, 2015
I don't believe using a pssg straight from DR1 works as there are a bunch of additional files the game needs. However, you should be able to extract the new pssg from the DR2 car .nefs, then just import the existing DR1 textures and chuck that pssg in the correct folder.

It probably won't look great without making a new main_s texture though.