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Conversion problem.

Neil Bateman

May 31, 2008
I put this on the no grip forum but had no replies, so i thought i would try my luck here.

Its took me quite a while to get this track converted from gtr2 to gtr Evo/race07.
The track is called The Greyhound and i was so pleased that it actually works perfectly, but i have one small problem as you can see in the screenshots, the tracks name in the listings is blank along with the flag, and there is nothing on the screen when its loading, its the same in evo too.

I opened up another add on track folder and all the files in my conversion are the same, including the loading image and thumb image, i have the gdb, grd, aiw, trk, cam, animated cursor files, and the texture and model folders. The hat file is the only one i am not sure of as i copied it from the gtr2/userdata/log/hat folder and pasted into the Race07/evo Greyhound track folder, it was the only Greyhound Hat file i could find so i assumed i was using the right one.
I know i have missed something so is there some text somewhere in one of the files with the loading image location that i have missed off, or is the track listing page and loading screen
information somewhere else within the game directory?
It may just be i saved the images in the wrong format or named them incorrectly but i just dont know what it is i have missed.
In most other add on tracks there is one file that says its a bmp but it wont open in paintshop so i am not sure what that is.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sep 15, 2008
the country name must match the icon name for the track, and format in .gdb...

Location = City, Nation