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Controller users: Analog stick vs triggers for throttle/brake?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by davetm, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. davetm


    I use an Xbox 360 controller for PC. I mainly play Motogp 13 and the SBK series which is why I haven't picked up a wheel and I don't plan on doing so unless I get into 4 wheel racing. I've noticed that generally it seems there are two schools of thought as far throttle/brake application in racing games for users who use controllers: analog stick or analog triggers. I mix and match:

    Steering: Left Stick - left/right
    Throttle: Right Stick - up
    Front Brake: Right Trigger
    Rear Brake: Right Stick - down (for motorcycle games)
    Upshift: Right Bumper
    Downshift: Left Bumper

    What do you guys use and why? Are there any people that exclusively used one method for a considerable amount of time (and got pretty good at it) but then made a successful transition into the other method?

    Although my setup has worked for me over the last year or so, I've noticed lately that on occasion my thumb will get all twitchy from nerves, age, too much caffeine, or what have you and I've been thinking about making the switch over to strictly triggers. Although I like the idea of using triggers, when I tried it for an hour (and assigning shifting to the buttons) I wasn't thrilled about steering being slightly affected when braking was assigned to the left trigger (or when I assigned throttle to left trigger). My lap times were horrible but perhaps there's just a steep learning curve and I just need more practice with using the left hand to both brake and steer? My familiar setup at least allows me to keep my steering independent from everything aside from when I do quick downshifts during hard braking which is not when I'm typically using precision steering anyway.
  2. Pär Öqvist

    Pär Öqvist

    Get a good joystick then you can lean more naturally in corners. I don´t know how the ffb is in those titles if they have any or just rumble though.

    As for controllers I just use what you feel most comfortable with. Since you already has this you can verify by yourself what you feel works best for you.