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Contract offered by Lotus

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by wabbithunta, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. wabbithunta


    In my game I've been offered a contract by Lotus and it's for $6,500,000 for the following season, as I assume that's what the contract is.
    My score, as I assume that's what this is based on is currently 18, if I recall correctly.
    I've just won Hockenheim and I got this contract offer and Trulli hasn't even scored a point, let alone finish above 15th spot either!
    The "press" in any interview I have with them ask me if I am going to move to another team or stay put with Lotus. The usual Q&A stuff.. "Am I happy", "Will you accept the offer?", "Are you in negotiations?" etc etc. So far I've not said yes/no to anyone at all and also I've been like an MP, not given anyone a straight answer to the questions.. Just said "let's wait and see how things go" or words to that effect that is.

    A few questions you maybe able to answer, "says me hopefully"

    Is there a time limit on this offer?
    What happens if I turn this offer down from Lotus?
    Could I negotiate a better one with Lotus?
    Or could I go to another team to see what they have to offer me?

    I've had all the teams at the lower end of the rankings show interest in me. Also I know I won't get a seat from one of the top teams (yet! lol) ie; McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari etc. Will any of the mid-table teams make an offer soon or do I accept the current offer on the table, as I'm currently leading the Drivers Championship by about 10 points.
    Yes I know.. Lotus winning the Drivers Championship...!! "In your dreams".
    One day maybe... one day.
    I'm currently on the 7 season setting in the game. Assuming I don't get that corrupt file problem where you have to delete the auto-save games and restart that is. I've had to do that once before too!

    Any tips on what I should do.. or not do even would be gratefully accepted.

    "Answers on a postcard to..." :)

    Post edited for "update on contract offer"

    Just taken a look at the offers on the table

    My current "Rep" 19 (small gap to "fill in near the top, so I assume that will be raised after Budapest, that is, if I get a good result there)
    Lotus offer:
    No1 Driver $6,500,000 1yr.
    Objective: Finish 20th

    Teams "showing interest"

    Virgin: Rep Req'd : 05 / Favoured / Impressed with the way I handle the press
    HRT: Rep Req'd : 05 / Favoured / Impressed with the way I handle the press
    Toro Rosso: Rep Req'd : 13 / Favoured / Strong Candidate
    BMW Sauber: Rep Req'd : 15 / Favoured / Strong Candidate
    Force India: Rep Req'd : 20 / Favoured / Strong Candidate

    The white circle by the team names all have a "missing slice" and if you imagine these as a clock face then the "missing pie-slice" all show a 20 min section timewise that is.... Sorry it's the best analogy I can use to describe this.
  2. Steve Stoop

    Steve Stoop

    it all depends on your reputation level. The better the team, the higher the reputation needed to get an offer from them. I declined 2 lotus offers before taking one with sauber, so it is definately possible for them to make a new and better offer.

    Don't accept Lotus, if you're leading the WDC, you're sure to have enough reputation for a decent midtable team, or you could even get a spot with the top teams if you choose one of their drivers as your rival and beat them at the end of the season.

    On another note, you probably should just increase the difficulty level if you're leading the WDC with a lotus, I always felt like a cheat when winning in my lotus, now it's surprisingly much more rewarding to be fighting it out with the backmarkers and points finishes are elating :p
  3. Petari


    When i answered NO to lotus, and i won the WDC, i then got offers from BMW sauber, and another team (cannot remember), by MISTAKE! i declined BOTH offers, and then, for some reason, at the Brazilian grand prix, i got an offer on 10.5 Mil and a second spot, on FERRARI :D!?

    So i was a ferrari driver trough my second season, by mistake haha :D
  4. Anthony Lucas

    Anthony Lucas

    Firstly i assume by your post you are playing on a low AI difficulty with some or all aids on if not (apologies) my advice would be if you are winning alot of races in lotus start again on a higher difficulty as the lotus cars are not meant to be that competitive that you win races in them i made that mistake at the start of my season and i regret it and am going to start my career again.

    But to answer your question keep racing if you get to level 20 and then after you win say one or two more races Force India should make an offer they did for me also put yourself out there say your up for offers putting yourself in the shop window once teams know your available they will show more interest and it wont hurt your relationship with your team.

    If you keep being illusive they might not think you are up for a move and will blank you or maybe they wont but its better to let them know you are available they will come knocking when your leading the season standings they are defo going to want a new driver who wins their first season in F1 in a non competitive car

    Hope this helps in some way :)
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