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    Hey guys. New to the forum, I've been playing racing games and NASCAR on XBOX 360 for a while and want to step up the experience. I've heard nothing but good things about iracing and really want to give it a shot. Right now all I have is laptops newest one about a year old. I use them for just basic internet and such. I emailed iracing support and asked them about the system req and they gave me a link to do a test on my computer to see if it passes or not. I did that and it failed with the video card part. So now I've been looking at some Dell desktops but I don't know anything about video cards. I can't spend $1000 on a gaming desktop. I can get my own monitor, keyboard, ect, so I can just get the CPU. What computers are you guys using that's not at the $1000 mark? Dell has the towers for under $300 but I don't know how their video card compares. Thanks guys for any recommendations.

  2. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Hi Alaramtech... funny nick :)

    Dont know much about it these day not into hardware that much but one thing still is actual i think, Avoid desktops with integrated graphics thats gonna hurt you most.

    I am sure one of the members here has some more details about the do's and dont's hope they hop in.
  3. William Nowell

    William Nowell

    Welcome alaramtech, the answer depends on you. Do you have to buy a pre-assemblied tower or do you feel comfortable enough to buy the parts and put it together yourself. IMHO!!, I would stay away from the store brought towers like Dell, companies like that are in the market to sell you new systems every 1.5 - 2 years, instead of a base system that you can upgrade and have for a while. Once you figure that out then you start deciding what type of performance you are after. If this doesn't in the slightest bit sounds like something you could do, then go buy a dell and like Lars mention one with a stand alone card. If it does start here and then here Without having to buy a monitor, keyboard, dvd/cd drive, ect, that only leaves the case, mobo, chip, memory, hard drive, video card and power supply. Just my two cent.
  4. Eric Estes

    Eric Estes

    Don't forget the OS - that adds cost too....

    In general, I'm with William - I've built all my own machines since a '286-12 Mhz in '88. A lot depends on your willingness to do such a thing and where you are located. If your not a builder (or not interested), and want something entry level that will run the game at an acceptable level, something to think about might be an off-lease or refurb (note, this is only a representative suggestion):

    and a stand-alone card:

    (the 5770 is a decent middle-of-the-road card, it will more than get the job done for you).

    Total outlay is about $350, but you may want to get an additional hard drive with that particular combo (they're cheap these days)
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