What is your favourite decade of F1 racing?

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Community Question | Your Favourite Decade Of Formula One?

This is a question that often gets mates down the pub into heated debate, and something we would love to throw out to the sim racing community - your favourite era of Formula One!

Yes, our wonderful sport has gone through many different phases throughout its 70 year history, with advances in technology, safety, professionalism and ultimately speed having transformed the formula almost beyond recognition from its original roots.

The question is, from a RaceDepartment community perspective, which is your own personal favourite period from the sport?

Feel free to vote in the poll at the top of this article, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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David DeGreef

R3E Racing Club Host US
Dec 12, 2016
The variation in equipment into the early 90's and the all out approach to qualifying. Swapping out of engines between qualification and race, the tracks and the drivers will forever be embedded in my F1 memory. I would love to see F1/Sky/ESPN or whoever bring us the McLaren season of Prost and Senna battling it out all year while we are all being good citizens and staying put.


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Jun 17, 2017
Every decade is fascinating and fantastic, horrifying and scary, lovable and cherished for different reasons. If I could vote for every decade I would, I love motorsport all throughout history. Same with Le Mans.

But the bias of the decade I grew up in, when I was starry-eyed and didn't see the politics behind the sport, wins out. 2000s.

But again, every decade is equally fantastic for different reasons, while all still being this fascination we call motorsport.


Nov 21, 2012
Häkkinen, Senna, Schumacher, Hill, Mansell, Prost, Villeneuve...did I mention Häkkinen. Yeah, nineties all the way!
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Jan 5, 2016
The 70's but I'm a bit older than most I suspect plus 71 was my first live race at Mosport and after that nothing can touch it. Plus the 70's saw massive tranformation in cars still without the benefit of computers to rationalize aero and mechanical design. We had wing development and the Lotus moving the radiators to the sidepods. Drivers like Mario, Jackie, Niki, James and Gilles. I know we are picking with our hearts and most likely many of you never got to a race in the 70's and hell yes it was scary dangerous but if you were an F1 driver in that era you were a superhero.


Apr 4, 2015
Difficult choice between 60s and 70s. A decade where they started getting good, and then in next decade they started getting really good. I also love those two decades because formula kept changing so much, everyone was experimenting. In later decades cars begun to get more and more similar, with differences increasingly marginal. Although in 60s and 70s there also were some years when cars appeared rather similar, though there always was that jazz going on. Only two bad things then: lack of safety and they probably burned more fuel.
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Mar 2, 2010
I was born in 1966, so I can't vote for the 50's and 60's, even if the cars of the sixties were absolutely awesome. I watch the movie "Grand Prix" at least once a year.

So I pick 1988-1997. (In 1998, they introduced the hideous grooved tires and the cars were narrower). The only problem in 1994 was the introduction of refuelling, which I was against (and still am.)

In the early 90's, there was the rivalry between Prost and Senna, 30 cars at least on the entry list and they looked great. They sounded wonderful, there wasn't too much downforce and passing was a possibility. Great drivers too: Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Mansell (never a fan but he was exciting to watch), Piquet, etc. And no Tilke tracks.

I also have a soft spot for the 1978-1982 period, when my hero Gilles Villeneuve drove for Ferrari. I lost interest when he died so I pretty much missed out on the 1983-1987 seasons, only watching the occasional race here and there. I started watching seriously again around 1988.
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