colours of dynamic racing line wrong?

i really like the option to turn on the dynamic racing line to get to know a foreign track, especially to get to know the braking points. in other racing games (for example f1 2013) the racing line changes its colour from green to red when it is time to brake. such a colour management is in assetto corsa too. but it seems, that changing the colour isn't a brake indicator, because sometimes i even get the red colour on a straight or much too early from the real braking point.

are the different colours of the dynamic racing line in assetto corsa really a brake indicator or does it stand for something different?

It's not a dynamic racing line, it's a static racing line, that's why it doesn't change colors like Gran Turismo, Forza, or F1. When its green, its generally safe to go fast and when its red, its suggested to brake but when to know how much to brake or how much throttle to give is up to you to learn and varies from vehicle to vehicle.
try pressing CTRL+ i while in game and disable the assisted racing line !

That doesn't answer his question at all. He wants to understand why the racing line is not dynamic and doesn't change colors based on your speed like it does in some other racing games.