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WRC9 Codemasters Secure Official WRC Licence

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Big news for fans of the FIA World Rally Championship - Codemasters have today announced they have secured the rights to bring the official WRC games to console and PC.

Reportedly beginning from 2023 in a five year exclusive deal, the studio have captured the rights to represent the FIA World Rally Championship for current licence holds Kylotonn Games, with the new IP expected to slot in alongside the current and highly popular DiRT Rally franchise.

The news was broken earlier today by gamesindustry.biz, and further details aside from a potential 2024 release date have yet to be made public by Codemasters or the WRC.

With DiRT Rally 1 & 2 having firmly laid the foundations of a solid claim to Codemasters off road credentials, it looks like the future of the official World Rally Championship in digital form is in very good hands indeed....

Original Source: gameindustry.biz

Codemasters F1 and DiRT Rally series of games are available now.

Want to chat about the various official rally games currently available? No worries, head over to the WRC 9 sub forum and let us know your thoughts today!

WRC Codemasters 1.jpg
If WRC 2023 will be on the pCARS3 engine - it's good, if on the DirtRally2.0 engine - then it was not worth it. I played ==300 hours of WRC8 against 94 hours of DirtRally2.0 and 195 hours of pCARS2.
Ah yes, because nobody can enjoy or value something else than you do...

Looking at the effort Codies puts into the lifeless F1 franchise, I don't expect an official WRC license is going to help much with Dirt.
The F1 games are lavish productions with amazing production values and in-depth career modes so I have no idea what on Earth the hell this means.

Great... another series that will now have terrible FFB :(

Are you people on drugs, holy ****. I remember buying WRC7 and refunding it in literally hald an hour because the FFB was absolute trash, worse than goddamn Forza. Meanwhile DR has perfectly fine FFB.

Wow... an all of a sudden everyone forgot DR 2.0 ever existed. The rally simulator that everyone had only good things to say about.....and KTs junk that never lived up to any standards...has somehow become KING of rally SIMULATION.
I shouldn't be surprised though...PC2 went from "bad simcade" to "better than AC and ACC" within a couple of days after Reiza announced PC2.5 Brazil Edition..oops sorry i mean "AMS2".
I don't understand this forum anymore. If the latest WRC game was any better than the previous ones i'd say this swift is justified, but that's not the case. It's the same "game", if not worse (loving those RPG elements don't ya?). What's the matter? Are you simply mad at Big Bad Codemasters?
I guess it's time to GTFO of here...

Some people are just speaking nonsense. The insane hateboner some supposed "sim racers" have against Codies is almost hilarious in how stupidly over-the-top it is.

Just look at how many people have deluded themselves into thinking that Kylotonn's WRC games were anything but rushed godawful trash. They were bad and still are bad. Everyone know that till WRC7 where the entire rally sim community had a collective stroke and seriously actually tried to pretend that it was as good as RBR, it was absolutely embarrassing how much people went to bat for KT's awful games.
WRC7 and WRC8 by Kylotonn were pretty okay.

I remember people whining about Kylotonn holding the license, but the last 2 weren't that bad. They however weren't great either. FFB was worse than that of Codemasters, but tarmac physics were better than those of Dirt Rally 2.0.

Kind of mixed feelings about Codies getting this license. If it will continue to develop on base of Dirt Rally 2.0 then might be ok. However, it's down to luck really. There's always something with their physics (Dirt Rally tarmac, Dirt 4 everything, Dirt Rally 2 tarmac)
Great news, by 2023 we will be close to 3 years in the new generation and therefore my hope is that their game engine will be top tier.
Oh no. Another yearly release-franchise with minimal changes. It will be catered to the mainstream. Hit a tree = just drive again with no problems. Simcade physics. Bad FFB just like DR 2.0. 200gb disk usage. Seasons, achievements locked behind DLC, deluxe, superdeluxe, ultra-ultradeluxe. WIll be supported for a half or a year, just like DR 2.0. Then bin it and create another.

Our only hope is Reiza making a real rally sim in 2025 or so. :whistling:

Way to stay positive, I get that EA has always been a money grabbing fruitcake, but do you really think Codemasters with their current team and leaders is capable of screwing everyone up the bum? It would be a shame if Codemasters would follow EA's footsteps, I don't think they will, they always made good quality games and they've been just as old as EA, don't think Codemasters is going to do that.
Great... another series that will now have terrible FFB :(

You forgot non existent road feel and bland stage design etc etc !

Hopefully Kylotonn will fix all major issues upptill WRC 11 so we can enjoy a perfect rally experience during the 5 year Crapmasters have the license !
Last edited:
It's not so much a complaint but an opinion and we still have the right to have one.

Gaming should always be fun !

Kylotonns WRC series are bags of fun and getting better and better with each release ! Really sad that CM is taking over but hopefully by WRC 11 we'll have a product we can enjoy over the five years CM going to bore us.

IMO The stages kan be as fictional as they want as long as they depict the countries environment and Kylotonn gets full points when it comes to that with their top notch stage design that CM can only dream of.

It's one thing to replicate a circuit track but a completely different one when it comes to rally stages IMO.

Codemasters games are just one long boring chore !

I'm definitely going to pass those 5 years when CM have the license cause I know exactly how it is going to turn out.

I see the CM crowd more as a political or even religious motivated group of people that no matter how good another developer becomes, CM are still the best and the rest is just crap.

There is also a reason why the CM nutters are all over the internet hating on non CM releases.

It's just like all those Trump haters who hates the man no matter what. Even If he did find the cure for AIDS, cancer etc etc they would NEVER change their mind about him because they know they would look like real fools betting on the wrong horse all their life.

Saying that real-life stages are boring, comparing CM to Trump, religious group, and all of this in one post. Bro, whatever you are smoking, stop. Just stop

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