Clutch realism

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by johnthelemon, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. johnthelemon


    Greetings everyone. Here are my settings:

    • Options->Gameplay->Auto shift OFF
    • Options->Gameplay->Auto clutch OFF
    • In car.ini, autoclutch_rpm=0. My engine DOES stall when stopping in-gear.
    The problems:

    • 1: I can shift without pressing the clutch, engine being on. I press Ctrl+4 to see controls data, and when pressing "Shift Up" or "Shift Down", I see Actual clutch value jumping to 100%. Is it a limitation of the game, a design flow, or a lack of feature?
    • 2: I can drive-off without slipping the clutch. I am in Neutral, start the engine, floor it, and press "Shift Up". Actual clutch value jumps to 100% and back to 0 upon releasing "Shift Up". So the game effectively "dumps the clutch". The rpm drops, but not enough for it to stall. Car pulls off. This is true even for low powered engines, such as Dacia 1300/1310 or even Trabant 601.
    Thanks in advance.
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