Club Event: 15/07/14

Club Event 13/07/14

Permitted Car(s):
Light Car Company Rocket

Red Bull Ring

Car must be as standard, no updates. The cars must all have the same figures (PP, BHP, KG).

Usual RD Rules apply, just be clean basically.

* = Host

Must friend the host on PSN to get into the event

Sign Up: [1/16]
Andrew Holmes* - AMH_Racing
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Andrew use a format similar to the other Club Events. That way everything is laid out nice and easy for people to see all info associated with the event. Also whats with the massive 3 week gap?

I may be present but no guarantees this far out.
Andrew whats with the thread title saying the 15th and the first post saying the 13th? Also wheres the time it will be? There is so much info missing from the first post.

As I suggested, use the format from previous events. Just do a straight copy/paste. That way you cant forget any info.