Clean up duplicate mods and tracks


Oct 6, 2010
My rF2 is littered with duplicate tracks of different versions and the situation is not much better for the cars. Some mods are scattered all over the repository and picking cars to race against in SP is a mess.

When I install a new mod I always make sure that the old version is uninstalled and deleted, yet I have 2 version of Malaysia with sequential V. numbers and I have a smattering of duplicate tracks with the same issues.

I looked for the duplicates both in the Packages folder and the installed folders (as well as the mod manager) and they are simply not there, yet these tracks appear and work just fine.

For the cars the list of cars to race against is completely out of hand. Many mods only pick one car as opponent and I have to go fish for the other cars in the same class/mod all over the place (the tiny window doesn't help). Frequently, rF2 also assigns the wrong mod to race against, like with the Howston. Picking Group 4 populates the race with Group 6 cars and even if I manually choose the G4, the G6 still appear in game.

The other thing that drives me batty, and this is not rF2 direct fault, is the many tracks lacking a track map or even just some identifiable picture. Many have nothing at all and many others have the default joe's oval. Is it so difficult to assign a proper track map after creating a track? Is there a way for me to add my own maps in the game so I can recognize the lesser known tracks?

Sorry for the bitching. rF2 is a great sim, but each time I play it I spend almost more time figuring out the race than actually driving.