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MC Kubbe

Jan 12, 2015
I wanted to learn driving a car by using computer , the same way people learn to fly airplanes by playing ms flight simulator
First , friends told me to play arcade games like colin mcrae series , richard burns rallye and even the free bmw and volvo games (using the engine of gtr games) , all with good physics , but they were too race oriented and with strict track. Then i tried City Car Driving where throttle, clutch and gears work like real life , and you got whole city to drive , but the gameplay was like NFS Underground with Havoc engine ( the same one running the cars in HL2)
I haven't tried RaceRoom , SimRaceway and iRacing
Finnaly i found Assetto Corsa. Played a track on Mugello with the old bmw and love it ! The feeling of tyres was real.
The thing is that the game lacks 90 degree corners , so i can exercise driving in 2-nd or 3-rd gear
So could anyone work on simple map with city like corners or at least give me link to mapmaking tutorial ?


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Oct 9, 2010
Learning how to drive a car is the easiest part from driving. Whatever you learn in how many games won't help you much outside on the streets. Dealing with cyclers, pedestrians, other road users, all with their own brain is a totally different thing.

Marco Versele

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Mar 31, 2013
If you really like a city environment, Live For Speed (LFS) has a city track with some different layouts. It has relative good physics (given the fact it dates from beginning 2000's) and it's not expensive. Have a look at There are some nice (fictive) streetcars. That's where I started some years ago.

Brandon Wright

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Nov 14, 2014
Try LucaRing, it's a city environment with some turns that are close to 90 degrees, similar to at an intersection. It has lines on the road too, so try to stay in your lane and keep The speeds low if you want to mimic real city driving. I also enjoy going to Lake Louise and trying to keep it in my lane around the whole track, adds to the "being on a mountain road" feeling.

If you want to experience traffic and obeying the laws of the road, check out Euro Truck Simulator.


Dec 22, 2009
If you want to experience traffic and obeying the laws of the road, check out Euro Truck Simulator.
Comes with AI who doesn't really like to obey four way stops though... I was waiting to turn left and the 3 people in front of me all got t-boned as they went through. At least they seem sensible enough to try not to do that to the player.