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Circuit Zolder - Circuit Zolder

Circuit Zolder
By: benhur

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For some reason this track destroys my framerate...track looks really nice but I drop from 60fps to 35fps in the middle of the lap for some reason and it makes it unplayable.
looks very good, havent seen any track which such nice trees. but my fps went down to 16 :( need a new graphic card xD

but thx great track :)
them treees are a fps killer, even with everything on low n putting res down to 1280x1024 it still goes from 60gfps to under 30 at certain points, not playable for me, hopefully it gets sorted, lovely track too probably best looking conversion yet
Thank You!!!! No more frame drops, I'm locked to 60 and it ran stable and smooth the full lap; great job!!!!

Time to go learn the track and make a video...thanks again!
I am please to see that i am not alone to have drop in FPS. I will try the update right away. Nice tracks thanks .


All video,s now belong in the media gallery , forum/gallery/ ,
Please can you remove the link :thumbsup:
The new update have fixed the low fps a little bit, before i got around 15 fps and now 35, every other track its stays on 60 all the time..
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