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Check reports information?

I have friends who post resources here, then they are reported for copyright by people without showing any real evidence, and the report is accepted, then the mod is down.
Is there any possibility to improve the report system? I'm from Argentina and here we have a group of people that does this every time someone tries to post a mod relatedto the country. Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english.
Actually we do our best to delete resources only when we are confident that they violate our rules.
(We reject quite a lot of reports which offer no evidence.)
If you have specific resources in mind which you feel shouldn't have been deleted, please let us know.
Well my post was related to the Autodromo de Buenos Aires which was posted recently here. It was deleted after a few hours of being posted, then it was reuploaded. There was a comment from someone of the staff saying he didn't like the way it was handled by the company making the report.