Sell CH MFP - Programmable multifunction keyboard (buttonbox)

As I'm waiting for my CSW v2 base to arrive I have decided to sell my MFP that I use as a buttonbox and get the CSW Panels from Derek Speare Designs.
So, here's the deal with the MFP (MultiFunctionPanel):
Link to the product on the official page:

It comes with 25 wireless buttons that can be placed anywhere on the panels active surface, in any direction.
The buttons attach using a special adhesive that allows you to remove and replace them over and over again, as seen here in my video:
The panel you place the buttons on are a removable piece of plastic "window", so you can print out a layout on paper and put it under the panel, so you have labels for each buttons + other kinds of graphics.
Here's the layout I made for myself based upon an idea from someone elses layout:
MFP RD.jpg

Here's a few other examples of layouts (note: not my pictures):

As mentioned there are 25 available buttons to put anywhere on the panel (I used 23 on my layout), all these support using Shift on the keyboard so that makes for 50 actions from the 25, + on the top right corner there are two buttons and LEDs, one green one red, swap mode and voila you have another 25 + shift, making it 100 actions from 25 buttons.
There's also some sheet(s) of stickers you can put on the buttons if you wish, numbers arrows, etc.

Other than simracing and flightsims the panel can be used for just about anything, a panel dedicated to special commands in Photoshop, video editing software, CAD. Or you can make yourself a ergonomic layout for use with other games like FPS or MMOs.

I'd like €90 plus shipping for mine (retail ~€270 in Sweden)
Price reduced to €65 + shipping.
Price reduced to €45 + shipping.
I'm also selling a used ASUS DirectCuII GeForce GTX 570 1280MB. Give me an offer and we might just get along :)

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Nevermind, I tested with 6000 perth and using DHL/UPS is going to cost you more than a new panel :p
Using federal post service is cheaper, though it's still quite expensive to ship around the globe like that;
~€60 or AUD 87.
Dunno how australian import laws are but I'd send it as a "gift".
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Any idea how much would it cost to ship it to Finland?
I was just checking DHL but it needs me to sign up to see the price...
Dimensions on the box is 367mm x 307mm x 76mm
Add about 10mm of cardboard around for shipping.
Weight before adding cardboard is 1580 grams, not sure how much extra with cardboard and tape etc, but if we can keep it below 2kg it'll be cheaper to ship.
So there's the dimensions if you wanna calculate shipping on your own, I'm in Stockholm, Sweden.
Using I get these numbers (if at 2Kg or less);
214 SEK as a "letter" (no warranty, no tracking, approx €22,51)
267,50 SEK as a tracked "letter" with warranty and tracking (approx €28,14)


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So it would be about 68€ if it would go as a letter?
Then i think I'll take it :)
Do you use paypal?
Sorry, I fell asleep while putting my son to bed yesterday so I got nothing done at all ><
Luckily my spouse will take care of that tonight so I'll get a better chance then.