Caterham Superlights @ Zandvoort 79 - Fri 23rd July

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™

Mod: Caterham v1.75
Class: Superlight
Track: Zandvoort 79 Please see Note 4 below
Day/Night: Day
Event start: 19.00 GMT (British Summer Time observed)
Practice: 20 mins (before first race only)
Qualification: 3 laps superpole (before first race only - Top 6 finisher reversal for Race2)
Warmup: 5 min max. (if required - Grid change before Race2)
Race: 2 x 25 min races
Note1: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
Note2: No restrictions on upgrades - all are allowed
Note3: The password for the mod will be passed via PM after a sign up post has been made if you have not driven the mod before.
Note4: Install the track as follows : rFactor\GameData\Locations\GPC79tracks\ NOT directly into Locations, or it will not show up. If you don't already have a GPC79tracks folder, create one and then install to there.
Note5: The current skinpack is available here. Copy to "rfactor\gamedata\vehicles\caterham\superlight\skins" directory. You might have to create the "skins" directory yourself, but I've tested it and it works.


Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Entry List

  1. Stuart Thomson
  2. Ross McGregor
  3. Jeffrey Watkins
  4. Wayne Reed
  5. Nigel Atkins
  6. Tim Ling
  7. Hans Sneep
  8. Alex Ball
  9. Chris Butcher
  10. Ozan Ulkugil
  11. Nicholas Cole
  12. Ondrej Kapal
  13. Toby Davis
  14. Lukasz Demolin
  15. Ries Notenboom
  16. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
  17. Adam Eggbeer
  18. Stefan Beemsterboer
  19. Ben Davis
  20. Neil Gault
  21. Nils Norberg

  • Can Ozcelik
  • Paul Bordeau

Scott Edlin

Wish i could dont get back from work till 8.30! Will have to take part in another one coming up soon :)

Nigel Atkins

yay the cats return to zandvoort & this time with more power :letsgoracing:

to give you a taster of what to expect on friday heres the Race 2 vid i made from when we raced here in the academy class, enjoy :cool:
Part 1

Part 2

oh yeah and :signup: pls :party:

Chris Butcher

Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion
Sign me up please :) I've had to reinstall everything due to HDD failure. Haven't got round to rFactor yet but should be ready by Friday :)

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
The superpole DQ was a track bug, you did nothing wrong.

Basically, the procedure is this:

Lap 1: Leave the pits and drive round to the S/F line
Lap 2: Your timed qualifying lap
Lap 3: Quit or drive back to the pits. Do not cross the S/F line again or you receive a DQ

The bug was that your garage was beyond the S/F line , and counted as a lap once you quit back in. I'll set the Quali to be 4 laps in future just in case, but everyone should treat it as a 3 lap session as the above.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
A reminder to all drivers - for some of you, this will be your first time in the Superlights. Make sure you have visited the upgrade shop, as - while it's still quite a simple and fairly locked down model - there are a few options you can configure, more so than the Academy.

The Superlight comes with the sticky tyres by default, but you have choices on Roll bar/cage, windscreen type, gearbox (5 or 6 speed), diff (LSD or Open), shifter type.

Make sure you try them out so you don't find you've missed something come race time.

Also please try and install the skinpack as detailed in the top post, as it does make a difference to the grid appearance.

Ondrej Kapal

I am a little bit confused from the superlight class, in there, there are some R300-500 and Superlight car which will be using? Superlight?
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