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Apps CarTuner/Sol/Content Manager/WeatherFX interaction help

Just like the many headaches/trials that the real life hypercars are experiencing in the WEC as of current, it challenged me into deciding that I need my own hypercar mod in the game as it is relatively easy to cut corners in developing a brand new car (take existing LMP1, add weight, reduce ICE overall HP, voila: Hypercar lol). All thanks to the ease of modding via CarTuner I managed to create a virtual "Glickenhaus 007 hybrid LMH" using Team Joest's previous Audi R18 entry chassis, swapped the engine for the SCG003's (gearbox and everything) then modified the hybrid system to align with what I figured Sauber/Williams would come up with seeing as Glickenhaus is working with Sauber/Bosch (all fictional in the game but again these are just theoretical as to what could be done IRL). As it all turned out in my season prologue testing, the performance numbers came out just like the real cars (ie. the LMP2 class shows their muscle easily LOL). My only obstacle that seems to lie in my way in terms of inconvenience is the fact that when I set the time of day in content manager (along with Sol weather preset) the time/weather does not load in game to what I set in content manager (simply shows 13:00 every single time). The date/temps/wind all seem to sync as per normal but my start time has to be completely set in-game along with the weather. If I change the selected vehicle to an offical Kunos or properly developed mod car my time and weather all work as per normal. I simply don't get it and I have some big assumptions my "mod" needs some more files/.ini's created that content manager/sol/weatherfx clearly need. Also clearly going to be a problem trying to manually set weather and time that quickly on race start...

Any help on this issue that any one might know of would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

...on another note, big thank you to the dev's behind the recent shaders patch/weatherfx. Looks and works beautifully.