Cars and Tracks I'm driving lately: 2012 Mosport, EEC GT3, DTM 2012-2019, anything VLM


Apr 18, 2014
NeelJ's 2012 Canadian Tire Motorsport Park v1_0.7 is the closest GTR2 fix for those who want a taste of what Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 have gotten recently with their Mosport versions by @Johnr777. The graphics and track-side cars, campers, billboards, people, and more, make it a very lived in track. I don't know if I can upload this here since I don't have the author's permission but message me and I can give you a link.

I've recently installed the EEC GT3 mod, available over at the EEC forums, and it's a really great time with GT3 cars. The cars are very well done and sound better than average. It's tricky to get the install working but worth it once it's settled.

Most recently I've been running the DTM 2012-2019 mod, also available over at the EEC forums, and I have to say you've never experienced Mosport like driving DTMs up the back straight at 250km/h+. The sense of speed feels insane.

Last but not least, download ANY VLM track you can find, they're just a cut above anything else. Quality visuals, great attention to detail, lots of extras trackside, they're just great. So far I've found Sebring, Fuji, Mid-Ohio and '79 Le Mans. Absolute must haves for GTR2 fans.

Honourable mention goes to GTR233's Fia GT 2005 mod which extends the base game's cars and tracks for the 2005 FIA GT season.

Miguel Batista

Jun 2, 2011
I am just rediscovering base content in HQ format (and 2005 mod). It will take me many hours to explore the content I have right now let alone expanding it further... This game is so good... I had forgotten how good and immersive it was. It uncovers the major flaw of many racing games imho which is a lack of focus. Sure this was a golden period of motorsports with competitive multiclass racing in a varied field of cars but, I think a game covering the 2014-2019 WEC the same way GTR 2 covered GT racing back then would be amazing! I can't stress how important having complete fields of cars per season with the right tracks actually is. Some games could have some of it. pcars2 with its plethora of content springs to mind but the inconsistency between content and the lack of fine tuning creating proper championships with proper calendar races damages it quite severely imho.